Post-it & sharpie

This is the perfect add-on for the close-up and walk-around performer. The Set works perfect together with Engraved, The Pocket Watch or The Seer’s gift. The engraving surface is secured in the post-it gimmick which make it easy to wear it in a pocket and thanks to the design it is possible to work in a more surrounded environment.


The Sharpie has a secret engraving gimmick, which is invisible for the spectator even up close. In a second the Sharpie can be used by the spectator. The gimmick can be used together with any Sharpie on the market.


Please note that the Post-it pad and Sharpie set not is a trick of its own, it is an extra item suitable together with Engraved, Pocket watch or Seer's gift.’


The Post-it & Sharpie add-on

  • 1 gimmicked post it pad
  • 1 Sharpie Engraving tool
  • 1 regular Sharpie pen
  • 1 regular Post-it pad




Post-it & Sharpie 400 SEK

Sharpie Engraving tool 170 SEK

Postage: 50 SEK world wide

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