Scrimshaw was developed in the 19th century on the whale hunting boats. The sailors used needles and ink to make art on bones or whale teeth.


The Metalwriting scrimshaw open up for storytelling magic. Perhaps this whaler had a last word he wanted to tell her girlfriend and had that word engraved in the base of the scrimshaw, perhaps the relic is the property of a specific person. Anything, a name, word or a question can be engraved on the plaque, attached to the walnut base of the scrimshaw.

The scrimshaw comes with yet another effect – the Odd one, shark teeth that will make it easy to structure and create an interesting presentation.


This prop guarantee a strange and bizarre presentation, perfect for the storytelling or mystery performer that want to have a unique prop in the show.


The Scrimshaw contains

  • 1 Metalwriting Scrimshaw
  • 2 engraving surfaces
  • 1 gimmicked blackboard and chalk
  • 1 Engraving tool for the chalk
  • The shark teeth and gimmicks
  • Dvd with instructions
  • The reset equipment and the Metalwriting secret.

The Scrimshaw 3 500 SEK

Postage: 250 SEK world wide


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