Gamblers Poker Chip

MetalWriting proudly presents The Gamblers Poker Chip. This new product in the MetalWriting range is suited for close up performances. The performer hands out a small velvet bag which contains a poker chip. The members in the audience can feel the shape of the poker chip through the cloth and one member of the audience holds the bag closely in his hand. A spectator is to name any card in a deck of cards. After some by-play the performer opens up the velvet bag. He brings out a beautiful poker chip. On the back of the chip, the spectator's selected card is engraved into the metal.


As with all of the MetalWriting products the engravings are made on the spot and in front of the spectators. There are no restrictions of what the engraving on the back of the chip can be. It isn't  bound to a specific card. It could reveal a place, a name or anything that fits your presentation.


The routines is best presented close-up standing or at tables. It can be performed strolling as long as you are in control of some angles. The reset takes less than a minute and you can do the routine five times in a row. After that you need to do a reset which takes about 10 minutes.



The Gamblers Poker Chip includes:


o  A specially gimmicked poker chip

o  A gimmicked velvet bag

o  A gimmicked post-it pad and Sharpie pen

o  All the equipment needed to perform the Metal Writing

concept. The basic kit lasts for more than 300


o  3 routines and lots of ideas.

o  A DVD with over 60 minutes of material, ideas and


o  A DVD with explanations and methods of how to perform


o  The poker chip is 40 mm in diameter and the engraving

area is 26 mm.


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