The Trophy

Imagine being able to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. You'd surely become rich and famous for this ability and perhaps the entire world would be in your hands. Sounds interesting? Read on!


The mentalist places a trophy on her table and talks about the breathtaking possibilities of predicting the winner of a sport chosen by the audience.


Three volunteers join the mentalist on stage. The performer explains that they will participate in a competition. They are asked to grab one medal from a bag without looking. The volunteer who chooses the gold medal will be the winner. However, before any one looks at their medal, the performer reveals who chose the gold one and congratulates the winner.


The winning volunteer lifts the trophy (that has been in full view the entire routine) and reads the badge at the top. It matches the earlier selected sport. When the applause subsides, the performer calls attention to the base of the cup. Engraved into the metal plaque reads, "The winner of the contest is Lisa Larsen", the name of the competition winner.


There is no double-talk, pre-work, stooges, forces or hidden assistants. All the work is done by the performer during the performance and everything you need to perform the effect is included. The engraving can be seen and touched by everyone.



When you buy The Trophy you receive:


• A specially modified 12" trophy made of aluminum and stone


•  Five medals, a bag, and gimmicks to perform the “Competition” routine


• A price tag and ribbon for a gag ending


• The necessary gimmicked scoreboard with chalk


• All the equipment needen to be able to perform the Metal Writing concept. The basic kit lasts at least for 200 shows.


• 3 different presentations


• DVD with over 90 minutes of instructions, routines and ideas



The Trophy 2 500 SEK

(Original price 4 000 SEK)

Postage: 300 SEK World Wide delivery

Extra refills (about 100-150 shows)