If you already own one or more of our products, maybe you want to ad something to your magic. This is where you can find spare parts and bits.


If you, at the same time, order any other products from us - the postage is free world wide. If that is not the case an invoice will be sent to your e-mail with the correct order costs. (About 30 SEK)

Engraving tools

All MetalWriting products comes with different gimmicks to be able to do the engraving. If you would like to have more of one specific gimmick or try another version - go right at it!

Zilvex 100 SEK

The special material used in all MetalWriting products. One of these blocks will last between 150-300 shows depending on what product you use.

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Reset tools

All MetalWriting products comes with tools to do the reset for your unique product. Here's the place to buy replacments.

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Extra discs: 1 disc - 100 SEK, 5 discs - 400 SEK

Some performers want extra discs to their MetalWriting products in order to make repeat shows without having to reset the disc inbetween shows. Here you can buy extra dics.

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Product name and number

Thumb Writer Ink

The Cbring Thumb Writers use different inks. Here you can buy refillls.


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