"Very sensible and modern!! I REALLY like this!!"

-Kenton Knepper

During the pandemic, all of my stage shows was cancelled. Instead, I focused on effects that could be performed seemingly impromptu and in smaller groups. I was aiming for a forcing tool that could blend in, in almost any modern situation. A smartphone is the optimal tool, everyone has one and it doesn’t look like an odd object when placed on a table.


As with all of my creations I paid a lot of focus on the details. It should look as an average phone with a case and it should be handled seemingly careless. No palming or hiding flaps or similar. And I wanted to be able to force two words.


The result became the I-Force. A utility device for the modern mind reader. In the set you will get the I-force gimmick that can be customized for any two words that you want to use. You also get a dummy phone which fits in the case. You can also use any of the included words and ideas for routines.


The Remake Kit

A pipe-dream was to also be able to change the force words, for a long time it seemed impossible. I finally found the solution. With the included tools it is possible to remake the "I-Force" with new words. If you want to have the option to switch between different words, you'll need to add a set of additional sliding discs to your order.

I-Force: 750 SEK

Extra sliding discs: 80 SEK


Postage: 120 SEK world wide

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