The performer shows an envelope and pulls out an question marked nomination for either the Best actor, Best actress, Best director, Best costume or Best music. He then ask a spectator in the audience which category he or she wants to win. The spectator answers "Best Actress" and the performer then turn the nomination around and read out the inscriptions:

Congratulations! Thank you for your wonderful performance in my show. You won the award for Best actress.


On stage there is an Oscar statuette and the performer invite the spectator to join him. On the statuette there is a plaque engraved with the words:

Best actress Linda


The participant then apparently gets the Oscar as a gift, leaving the stage.


The Oscar routine can be performed with or without the nomination envelope and with or without handing out the statuette after the performance.


Included the package are instructions for how to construct the Nomination envelope and how to perform the handing out. It is possible to buy the envelope with the nominations in English, and also to buy extra Oscar statuettes. Please note that the Statuette is heavy and that extra statuettes adds shipping (included in the price). You can perform the effect with your own statuettes as well.


The Oscar statuette contains

  • 1 MetalWriting Oscar statuette
  • 1 dummy statuette for handing out
  • 1 gimmicked whiteboard
  • 1 Dry erase marker with a removable engraving gimmick
  • 1 Easel
  • 1 set of reset equipment and the Metalwriting secret
  • Instructions


Optional assessors

  • The nomination envelope with an extra easel
  • Extra dummy statuette

The Oscar Statuette 2 200 SEK

Postage: 250 SEK world wide

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