The Eye of Odin stands next to the Linking Finger Rings as one of the strongest effects in magic. It starts where the Gold Medallion and Room service left off.

-Jonathan Pendragon

'Engraved' is simply the most versatile set of gimmicks for the classic Medallion effect that I've ever seen. Highly recommended for the professional psychic entertainer.

-Bob Cassidy

A powerful new concept that will change the world of mentalism. I’m impressed with your originality and the quality of your work.

-Richard Webster

Amazing, Andreas have engraved something in my memory that I will never forget, neither will your audience

-Jon Stetson

This is the most exciting technique I've seen in a long time. MetalWriting have taken a beautiful piece of classic mentalism and made it perfect. Al Koran would be the first to join me in giving these guys a standing ovation for what they've achieved.

-Colin McLeod

I have been around for a long time, I have seen amazing things, but it is very rare to see something innovative and new and this is what I have seen with my own eyes – MetalWriting by Andreas Sebring. I was stunned by the speed the engraving appears on a medallion. It beats me, I have absolutely no idea how this phenomenon is done. I am hugely impressed. No doubt this will astonish audiences.

-Uri Geller

Engraved is much more than a supremely crafted effect – it’s your rare opportunity to make an unprecedented emotional connection with your audience – don’t miss it.

-Neal Scryer

Wizard Product Review by David Penn and Craig Petty gives their opinion about Eye of Odin when we visited Birmingham. 14 minutes into the clip.

Winner of the Innovation Award at the Swedish Championship for Magicians 2013.



What a wonderful tool for mentalist, your tips are well worth looking into the video for. Well done!

-Banachek (The Travel Agency Deck)



I just wittnesed something impossible. My jaw dropped.

-Tom Stone (Eye of Odin)



It is impossible, when you think about the effect. Somebody thinks of something and that's engraved into an amulet. I mean... think about that for a moment. It is the holy grail!

- Craig Petty (Eye of Odin)



You guys have really taken the Korans' medallion to the next level.

- David Penn (Eye of Odin)



The quality of equipment supplied is first rate, and not massed produced. [...] MetalWriting should become the standard for magicians and mentalists who want to have a prediction engraved on a metal surface. Andreas and Arkadia have given something very special to the community and it would be very hard to improve on the Koran routine now.

-Paul Romhany for VANISH MAGAZINE



THE TROPHY was one of the highlights in my full evening show. The props are really well made and it has 3 increasing climaxes. It is fun to perform and the system blows people away. I highly recommend not even THE TROPHY but also to check out THE EYE OF ODIN, because the system is a dream. Well done Anders & Andreas…….100 Points from Germany!

-Chester Sass



I have seen a lot, but what you just did can't be explained. You didn't cheat.

-Arne Nilsson, founder and owner of Magic Bar Stockholm

With this deck you have literally a full act in your pocket! Beautifully made and cleverly designed. Perfect for stage and close up performances. This deck is always in my show bag!

-Luca Volpe (The Travel Agency Deck)



With the equipment provided you can predict anything and have it engraved on THE TROPHY. The method is diabolical, and best of all it is a one person effect and everything happens in real time. [...] Overall I would say this is one of the most innovative mentalism routines and methods I’ve seen in a very long time. I have nothing but high praise for this ranging from the props, method, instruction and quality of props provided.

-Paul Romhany for VANISH MAGAZINE



I have just purchased the EYE OF ODIN. Wow guys, great work I love the thought and effort that you have put into this priceless piece of mentalism. I have long performed Koran's original version but this is just awesome. You have managed to raise the visual and theatrical impact of this great effect and put it in a class that will delight the professional performer, well done.

- Trevor Liley



The thought, innovation and care that has gone into this effect is evident as soon as you open the box. This is going straight into my parlour mentalism routine as soon as I get the work right.

      You have taken one of the classics of magic and improved it in a way no one could have foreseen.

      In a time when magic is rapidly becoming a mass produced cash cow it is so refreshing to purchase such a quality hand made product.

-Graham Lowery (Eye of Odin)



This evil object can not exist - my personal secret engraved on a metal plaque. Scary!

-Peter Gröning