Eye of Odin

Hjalmar Stolpe was an archaeologist who excavated the Viking city of Birka. During these excavations, he came across a mysterious amulet - The Eye of Odin. This amulet was said to have the ability to predict the future.


The mentalist or magician introduces a small box containing a mysterious amulet. He then shows five different symbols. Each symbol is connected to a specific Norse God. A randomly selected spectator chooses one of the symbols. The performer opens the box and the spectator removes a metal amulet. Engraved into the back of the amulet is the chosen symbol. But that's not all! The spectator's name is also engraved into the amulet. The performer can display it to the audience.


Inspired by Al Korans classic routine but with a new method that makes it possible to show and feel the inscription on the back of the amulet. No double-talk, forces, pre-work, stooges or hidden assistants. Comes complete with everything you need to perform this amazing routine.


Eye of Odin is a utility device that can also enhance your existing mentalism performances. The product comes with three stand alone routines and more creative ideas.



The Eye of Odin includes:


• The amulet Eye of Odin (with its hidden secrets)


•  A hand carved wooden box with three secret gimmicks.


• Gimmicked blackboard with chalk


• All the equipment needen to be able to perform the Metal Writing concept. The basic kit lasts at least for 200 shows.


• 3 different routines and multiple ideas for different skill levels


• DVD with over 90 minutes of instructions, routines and ideas


• The amulet is 56 mm in diameter and the area for engraving is 44 mm.

Eye of Odin will be reborn in early spring 2017 as a new and updated version. The Eye of Odin 2.0 will cost 3500 SEK and will be a mach-up of the earlier products “Eye of Odin Close-up” and “Eye of Odin stage”. Together with more modern and enhanced equipment,new routines and applications of how and when to use it. If you are interested in this project now, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.

See what David Penn and Craig Petty from Wizard Product Review has to say about the Eye of Odin. 14:30 minutes into the clip.