What is metalwriting?

MetalWriting allows you to predict any written message as an engraving in a metal surface. What makes MetalWriting unique is that you can do it without any dual reality, stooges, forces, pre-show work or hidden assistants. It is a simple and direct way of engraving a prediction on an amulet or another of our products. The engraving is approximately 0.5 millimetres deep and can be examined by the spectators.

Metatwriting is a new concept in magic and mentalism. It is not only a trick and one effect, instead the method has its own theory. Within Metalwriting we have specific techniques, subtleties, methods, theory and handlings that enables the performer to create different effects and presentations. What was a release of one idea back in 2012 have grown to a large range of different products and supplements, and the concept is still growing.

Our primary aim is for the solo performer who can do all of our routines himself in front of the audience. Since we know by experience that there just isn’t enough time before a gig to prepare certain tricks, we wanted a strong revelation that worked in real time without any fuss before the show. MetalWriting gives you that.


The 2:nd of March 2013 Andreas Sebring & Arkadia won the Special Innovation Award at the Swedish Championship for Magicians.

The creators of MetalWriting are Andreas Sebring and Arkadia. Two brothers with a burning love for magic. Today Andreas is the developer, builder and mastermind behind the project. Arkadia is responsible for the webb and sometimes helps where he is needed.

Andreas works as a product developer, inventor and teacher. He performs magic whenever he has the opportunity and loves to test out his crazy new ideas. Almost every routine in his personal repertoire is handmade by him self and he hand crafts everything in the MetalWriting range. This is how we guarantee the quality and affection in all of our products.

Arkadia is a professional magician and performs mainly at corporate events, streets and festivals. His real name is Anders which is confusingly close to his brothers name. Hence we use the stage name. His career started on the streets of Sweden as a 14 year old boy. Arkadia handles all the graphic design, editing, webb and so on.