The Eye of Odin stands next to the Linking Finger Rings as one of the strongest effects in magic. It starts where the Gold Medallion and Room service left off.

-Jonathan Pendragon

Engraved is simply the most versatile set of gimmicks for the classic Medallion effect that I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended for the professional psychic entertainer.

-Bob Cassidy

I have been around for a long time, I have seen amazing things, but it is very rare to see something innovative and new and this is what I have seen with my own eyes – MetalWriting by Andreas Sebring

I was stunned by the speed the engraving appears on a medallion. It beats me, I have absolutely no idea how this phenomenon is done. I am hugely impressed. No doubt this will astonish audiences.

-Uri Geller

A powerful new concept that will change the world of mentalism. I’m impressed with your originality and the quality of your work.

-Richard Webster

Amazing, Andreas have engraved something in my memory that I will never forget, neither will your audience.

-Jon Stetson

This is the most exciting technique I’ve seen in a long time. MetalWriting have taken a beautiful piece of classic mentalism and made it perfect. Al Koran would be the first to join me in giving these guys a standing ovation for what they’ve achieved.

-Colin McLeod

Engraved is much more than a supremely crafted effect – it’s your rare opportunity to make an unprecedented emotional connection with your audience – don’t miss it.

-Neal Scryer

The best writer in the world.

-Neal Scryer

The best writer I have ever used.

-Stephen Young

Koran’s original effect was powerful, but this opens up new possibilities for meaningful performance.

-John Wilson, Magic Magazine