For years Andreas have been working as a Tarot reader and psychic and he gives around 2500 readings each year. In this E-book he has explained his reading systems, routines and tools that he has been using over several years.


They are a mixture of real readings and trickery and you will learn billet work, secret envelopes and double writing principles, but also how to give very accurate psychic readings without using trickery to reveal information.


You will get access to a Google folder that includes the manuscripts and also the designs of the different billets used in the systems.


The Psychic Redings E-book includes:


The Seer’s gift

This is Andreas masterpiece, a palm reading system, a billet handling and a script that you can adopt to your own routines. Included is the routine The Seer’s gift, a very emotional MetalWriting routine.


The Zodiac divination

This is an easy system made for astrology readings, but it could as well be used in psychometry or intuitive readings. Included is a routine where you with a pendulum, will reveal the spectators star sign and day of birth.


Tarot of Dreams

This is a routine and system for a special type of readings; when the client feel lost and need guidance. The routine is structured to give the client new options and to trust Oneself. You will learn an easy to do tarot system and also an ideomotor effect with a pendulum.


The AWEC-move and Prediction system

This is Andreas best guarded secret. A new way to get information and to erase the evidence of the dirty work. You will get the system, the method and an easy to follow instruction to make the device.

The Psycic Readings E-book 250 SEK