Finally, after many requests there is a way to transform almost any object into a magical experience! Attached gives you the power to make MetalWriting a dream come true. Attached are now available in two versions – circular and square.

Attached is a thin brass frame with a self-adhesive back. This frame can be attached to any flat surface and in that way turn a large object into a MetalWriting product. The object can then be in full view all the time and as a finale you reveal an engraving with impossible information. Perfect for trade shows – how many jelly beans are in the jar, bizarre magic and for creating your own unique effect.

Attached Square is a frame that you will screw to your product with the four included brass screws. This is a perfect tool to make a statuette, or a frame with the MetalWriting secret. As with the circular version, the object can be in full view all the time.


Attached includes:

  • The Attached gimmick with two engraving surfaces
  • Gimmicked pad with a whiteboard surface
  • 2 Engraving tools (pencil and Sharpie)
  • The reset equipment
  • The reset material Zilvex, enough for 300 shows
  • Instructions

1400,00 kr

Attached Circle uses the same size as Engraved, therefore there is a special deal if you order them together. Check the link for prices.