Cbring Ink Writer

The Swami is known as the ultimate tool for the mentalist. The mentalist can perform amazing mind reading such as revealing names, numbers or professions in just a few seconds. But as good as it is, there is always a limitation. The pen that traditionally are used is only visible for people really close. But what if this tool also could be used in front of a large audience? What if the word was written with permanent or dry erase ink? That would open up new possibilities for routines and ideas but also for new effects. For an example. The dry erase writer can change the memory of a spectator.

The Cbring Ink Writer is the first practical thumb writer that can be loaded with real ink. No smearing, no dried-out tips and safe to keep in your pocket. The writer has a special cap that pops off when you write and can easy be recapped again. The cap protects your clothes and prevents the tip from drying out. The felt tip is made out of something you can find in every shop around the world for almost no costs. The writer also comes with a Walk Around Box that will keep the writer safe and ready in your pocket.

Suddenly I can perform my show for 200 to 400 persons. For me it makes the biggest difference in the world.

The writer has been tried and tested for two years. In 2017 the Swedish magician Gaston performed 140 shows with the writer at Liseberg – Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park. He also won the Swedish Championship in Mental Magic 2018, using the Ink Writer.

430,00 kr