Cbring Thumb Writer

The best writer I have ever used
-Stephen Young

The Cbring thumb writer is a hand-crafted quality item. It is made out of steel that not only guarantees a long life of the writer, but it also makes the writer magnetic. Together with the included magnetic clip, this feature makes it easy to wear and to conceal. The lead has a forward pointing angle which makes it possible to write longer words and names. This design allows writing with both the thumb extended (as with a thumb tip writer) or in an angle (as with a Swami). The bands on the writer are adjustable and together with the curved shaped writer you will get a 100% secured writer on your thumb – perfect for accurate writing.

The Ballpoint writer is brilliant, a modern touch in the mentalist toolbox with more extras than you would ever expect.
-Kenton Knepper

In the Cbring Thumb Writer range there are three different writers: pencil, ballpoint and listo. All of the writers have their advantages and they are optimized for different situations.


A pencil writer is the best option for always carrying in your pocket. It is always working and will not dry out. In a one-to-one performance it is a great tool. It is also the best beginner’s tool, cheap to use, and you can practice for hours. The set includes black and red 2mm lead for multiple refills, but you can also use a pencil lead from a regular pencil.

A ballpoint writer makes it easier to write curved letters because of the ball. It rolls over the surface with minimal friction. It also writes a distinct and sharp line, making it more visible on any paper. If you want to fill in information on a letter, using a window envelope or similar, a ballpoint would be the best and most organic looking option. Black and blue refills are included and you can buy extra refills in the colors black, blue or red. If you are crafty, It is also possible to reuse and refill an old ballpoint tip.

The listo is designed to look like a Sharpie, without the issue of ink. Instead, listo is a special type of crayon with a long shelf life. It is great for walk-around, low lights, and parlor shows. With the right technique it is impossible to spot the difference between my listo writer and a Sharpie line. You will get extra refills in the set and I also tell you in the instructions where to find the best listo lead to use, but you can also order spare refills to your writer.

Wow, they are terrific. I love them!
-Jon Stetson

The Cbring Thumb Writer sets

Single Writer

  • 1 Thumb writer (pencil, listo or ballpoint)


The Single writer set

  • 1  thumb writer (select version)
  • 1  magnetic clip
  • Lead refills
  • 1 gimmicked clipboard
  • 1 walk around box


The Deluxe set

  • 1 pencil lead thumb writer
  • 1 listo lead 5mm (grease marker) thumb writer
  • 1  magnetic clip
  • 1 neodymium magnet
  • 1 red and one black extra pencil lead
  • 1 red and one black extra listo lead
  • 1 gimmicked clipboard
  • 1 Walk around box


The Deluxe set +1

  • 1 ballpoint writer to your Deluxe set (3 writers in total)


The Deluxe set +2

  • Add two extra writers to your deluxe set (4 writers in total)

250,00 kr980,00 kr

You can buy the writers in four options: A single writer, the single writer set, the Deluxe set and the Deluxe set +1 (or 2) extra writers.

In the Deluxe set you will get the Pencil and Listo writer, the one-handed clip board that has a magnetic hold out for the gimmick. The bulldog clip, on top of the pad and an extra flap on its back make the board perfect for writing longer words and names. The board will be totally secured in the hand and leaving the thumb free for writing. You will also get one walk around box that keeps your writer secured and ready to go in your pocket. The +1 option gives you a ballpoint writer as well, all three writers in one set.

The Single writer set is a set if you only want a single writer but with the clipboard and the walkaround box. Select between any of the thumb writers: pencil, listo or ballpoint.

If you buy a product where you can choce between different writer, state the writer you want here. Pencil, Listo or Ballpoint.
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