Eye of Odin 2.0

Hjalmar Stolpe was an archaeologist who excavated the Viking city of Birka. During these excavations, he came across a mysterious medallion – The Eye of Odin. This medallion was said to have the ability to predict the future.

The mentalist or magician introduces a small box containing a mysterious medallion. He then shows five different runes. One of the runes are connected to Odin a Norse God that, with his wisdom, are said to come with advice to the one that seeks it. Without knowing which, five spectator selects one rune each. The performer opens the box and reveals a medallion. On the back of the medallion, is the following message engraved in the metal “Tonight I will listen to…” Followed with the name of the spectator that selected the rune of Odin.

Eye of Odin was released in 2013 and are currently used by Jonathan Pendragon and Richard Osterlind to name a few. A year later Eye of Odin Close-up was released with new gimmicks and tools that made it possible to perform the effect in a surrounded situation. In 2016 I decided to take Eye of Odin off the market. Since 2013 the method has been updated as well as the tools and the reset process. I didn’t want to sell a product that I know could be so much better. I had an idea of an updated version where both the close up and the original tools was included and all the new ideas and methods were up to date. Now that is done with The Eye of Odin 2.0

The Eye of Odin 2.0 includes:

  • The medallion Eye of Odin (with its hidden secrets)
  • A hand carved wooden box with three secret gimmicks.
  • Gimmicked blackboard
  • Engraving chalk
  • Gimmicked Post-it pad for close up performances
  • The Sharpie engraving/forcing tool
  • A clip board set
  • A thick permanent marker with a secret engraving tip
  • All the equipment needed to be able to perform the MetalWriting concept. The basic kit lasts at least for 300 shows.
  • Access to an online folder with booklets, routines and the previous videos.
  • The routine Runes of Wisdom
  • Video instructions
  • Two 44mm engraving surfaces
  • Access to a Google folder with downloads

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