Gun of Anckarström

In a corner of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, a masked man stands nervously perspiring. Under his cloak, a loaded gun is hidden. He is about to murder Gustav III, the king of Sweden. It is the Spring of 1792 and the snow is dense over the city.

We want to use the damn trick!
-Penn Jillette

The Gun of Anckarström comes with three different routines depending on your audience. The effect itself has three climaxes. The performer shows a padlocked wooden box and claims that it contains the flintlock gun that was used in the assassination of the king. Five bullets are shown, four regular ones, and one made out of gold. Five spectators secretly pick one of the bullets from a velvet bag. The spectator with the gold bullet is the murderer.

The performer can tell who the killer is and the spectator is invited to the stage. He explains that the murderer was bound to the weapon, but he wasn´t the only one. The assassination was planned by a group of people known as the Skulls and bones. Their signature is a skull.

The performer opens the box and inside there is a flint stock pistol. He turns the pistol over and shows a metal skull in the stock of the pistol. He then pays attention to a tattoo on the spectators arm – A matching skull.

He then claims that the owner of the gun had engraved his name in the pistol. And of course – it is so.


The Gun of Anckarström includes:

  • The Gun of Anckarström (with its hidden secrets)
  •  A beautiful hand made wooden box
  • All the equipment needed to be able to perform the Metal Writing concept. The basic kit lasts at least for 200 shows.
  • A DVD explaining all you need to know about MetalWriting
  • The tattoo gimmick
  • 3 different routines and multiple ideas for different skill levels
  • Five bullets, a bag, and gimmicks to perform the “bullet” routine
  • Gimmicked blackboard with chalk
  • Downloadable video instructions with over 60 minutes of instructions, routines and ideas


5100,00 kr7800,00 kr

Gun of Anckarström works really well togheter with Oracle. Therefore we have a special price if you buy the both of them at the same time. (You save 300 SEK.)