Post-It & Sharpie

This is the perfect add-on for the close up and work around performer. The Set works perfect together with Engraved, The Pocket Watch or The Seer’s Gift. The engraving surface is secured in the post-it gimmick which make it easy to wear it in a pocket and thanks to the design it is possible to work in a more surrounded environment.

You are a BRILLIANT creator Andreas. The proffessionals will help get the word out that YOU are the the creator of this fine tool for mentalism.
-Jeff MCBride

The Sharpie has a secret engraving gimmick, which is invisible for the spectator even up close. In a second the Sharpie can be used by the spectator. The gimmick can be used together with any Sharpie on the market, also with the famous Sherpa Shell.

The tip also works as a forcing tool – the write/not write pen. One of the advantages with the forcing tip is that it can be added on and off using the cap of the Sharpie. The idea of using the Sharpie tip gimmick as a forcing tool is original to Andreas, even is other have released similar products inspired of the MetalWriting design. In the set you will get access to a PDF and video that both demonstrate how to use the tool as an engraving tool, and also as a forcing tool – or a combination

This is killer. Trust me, if you want to perform Metalwriting close-up then this is the way to go!!
-Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

105,00 kr