Runes of Wisdom

Historically runes have been shrouded in mystery. In the old Scandinavian Viking tradition, there were just a few that could read and carve the runes. Sometimes they were thought to be in contact with the gods and that the gods could tell them their will. By throwing some of the runes it was possible to get their messages and get a glimpse of the future.

As a tool for a reader, the runes are great. They represent both letters, are symbols for larger meaning and could be connected to different areas in a person’s life. Beside this they also have a mythological connection to the Norse gods, which give them a good start for storytelling. This turns the runes into a perfect reading system, where each rune holds bits of information.

Learn the secrets of the runes and how to divine the future. You will learn how to make accurate readings with the runes, an easy to learn reading system and a way to get information without asking questions. In the E-book I will first explain the system, then explain how to use the runes in a reading and finally give examples for how to use them in a magic effect or in combination magic/reading.

The set comes with everything you need, and special gimmicked runes that allows you to do classical magic effects as Kurotsuke and predictions.

  • 24 runes
  • 2 magnetic runes
  • 2 double sided runes
  • 1 red sacrifice rune
  • A wooden rune chart
  • Raven cord
  • Velvet bag
  • Magentic Kurotsuke gimmick
  • E-book



I’m having a great time with your rune kit. Thanks to your instructions, it was easy to learn the meanings of each rune. Everyone I’ve shown them to, and read for, love everything about your kit. There’s something magical about the circle with the raven’s heads, the handmade runes, the magic circle, and the story of the runes that draws people in. I think it’s an amazing way to do a divination. It should be essential reading for anyone who wants to progress as a reader
Richard Webster

1500,00 kr

Because the set is hand-crafted I take orders on demand. Contact Andreas to hear when the next set is ready.

Price: 1500 SEK

Rundes of wisdom + Oracle: 4300 SEK (You save 200 SEK)

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