SAGA Universal Tarot

The SAGA reading system is a result of Andreas´ work as a psychic reader. Over the years he has given thousands of Tarot readings to people in different ages and from different part of the world. The mnemonics SAGA will easy help you to learn the Symbolic, the Associated, the General and an Alternative meaning of each Tarot card and them put it all together in a psychic reading.’

If you are interested in giving readings but never put enough time into learning the Tarot. This will help you straight away. After just 20 minutes of studying the deck and reading this manuscript you will be able to give brief readings. If you however don’t care about readings you will have a great tool for magic and mentalism. There are several secrets and layers in the SAGA deck that you can use in your performance. The book includes several magic routines and methods for getting information and as a bonus the routine The Celtic Cross – a great contribution from Clinton Combs.

In the book you will learn:

  • How to read the cards in different performance situations
  • Ethical aspects of psychic readings
  • How to build your intuition
  • How to build your atmosphere
  • How to structure a reading
  • Fortune telling
  • How to use the SAGA deck in magic

What others say

“My mind is blown. I just received The Saga Universal Tarot deck and book. Andreas Sebring has designed and produced. High quality cards with some very special bells and whistles that will enhance your tarot readings. This is the most practical Tarot deck that I have ever encountered. Perfect for the most seasoned Tarot reader or the novice who wishes more confidence in their ability to give an outstanding tarot reading. The book is chockfull of useful information. Designed by a worker, for a worker, his is my new “go to” tarot deck, in a word FANTASTIC!”

-Jon Stetson

“The SAGA Universal Tarot is a remarkably easy way to get into doing tarot readings. Andreas has created a beautiful deck and supplied very exhaustive instructions. You will learn everything from doing readings well, to adding in effects when appropriate. Andreas has made a living doing what he teaches here. I am proud to have Andreas as one of my sincere students, and I know that you will be thrilled with this deck!”

– Kenton Knepper

“Andreas’ deck is amazing, but in addition to that, he’s included this book that covers every detail of his way of reading the Tarot. The section on analyzing a psychic reading is worth a fortune to anyone who reads it carefully, and then makes use of the information. If you study this book, and practice what you learn, you’ll quickly become better than most Tarot readers.”

-Richard Webster

“For over 40 years I’ve collected, explored and worked with dozens of decks of Tarot cards. In my opinion the SAGA tarot is one of the best deck systems a mystery entertainer could hope for. I was very impressed with deep thinking that went into its design and production.”

-Jeff McBride, Creator of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School

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If you are interested in giving readings but never put enough time into learning the Tarot. This will help you straight away.