The Pendulum

The pendulum is a wonderful tool for the psychic entertainer. When I first made it, I used it to reveal a spectator’s star sign, using the included routine and reading system The Zodiac divination. It was mainly a one to one routine, perfect for psychic reading or psychic parties. Last year I also included a new forcing tool to the set – The Fidget force. Thanks to this tool and the routine the pendulum can be performed in a more casual way and for a larger audience.

The Pendulum is a piece of true craftsmanship. It is made out of rose wood, brass, and crystal. The front design can be changed to suit your performance style, and on the back of the pendulum you have a 30 mm engraving surface. Every pendulum is numbered and I only make them in a small batch because they are very time consuming.

The Pendulum includes

  • The rose wood pendulum with a chain
  • A smaller un-gimmicked crystal pendulum
  • A foldable Zodiac
  • A gimmicked clip-board
  • A pencil engraving tool
  • An engraving tip for a dry erase/permanent marker
  • A marker with a star sign index
  • The Zodiac fidget force
  • The reset equipment for the MetalWriting concept
  • 5 extra engraving surfaces
  • DVD and instructions
  • The E-book Psychic Readings by Andreas Sebring

3000,00 kr