In the deepest rainforest of Peru and Ecuador the Jivaroan tribes had a strange ritual. With a special method they prepared the heads of their dead enemies and made them into small trophies. These shrunken heads or Tsantsa were used in rituals and perhaps they could give the owner special powers.


Inspired of this macabre tradition I have made the Metalwriting shrunken heads. On the walnut base there is a plaque that could have a word, name or a prediction engraved. The shrunken head comes with yet another effect – the Odd one, Bones of fortune that will make it easy to structure and create an interesting presentation.


This prop guarantees a strange and bizarre presentation, perfect for the psychic or mystery performer that want to have a unique prop in the show.


The Shrunken head contains

  • One Metalwriting shrunken head
  • Two engraving surfaces
  • One gimmicked blackboard and chalk
  • One Engraving tool for the chalk
  • The fortune telling bones and gimmicks
  • Dvd with instructions
  • The reset equipment and the Metalwriting secret.


Shrunken Head 4 000 SEK

Shrunken Head + Oracle: 6 800 SEK

Postage: 200 SEK world wide

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