You place an envelope in front of the spectator and show him a bunch of tickets from all around the world. The tickets can be spread and showed individually. The spectator peek at one ticket to see a destination. He is then asked to in his mind associate this country with a city and a special place. You start to reveal how the spectator thinks, not only the destination but also his feelings and his thoughts and expectations about this place. You ask him to think of the letters in the country and you write down your impressions. You get the country right but during the mind reading you also got new impressions from the spectator. It turns out that you have received the letters for the city but in an anagram.


As a kicker you ask the spectator to open the envelope. In the envelope is a postcard from the place he thought off.


NEW UPDATE for 2020

We are happy to announce that you can choose from three different destinations, or order all three and get a discount. Please specify which destinations you want when ordering.


  1. Egypt/Cairo/The pyramids
  2. China/Peking/The Wall of China
  3. France/Paris/The Eiffel Tower




The Astral Traveler includes:

  • The Astral Traveler tickets
  • A large bulldog clip
  • A postcard and a souvenir
  • Instructions & routines
  • Access to a Google folder with downloads



The Astral Traveler 550 SEK

Postage: 100 SEK world wide

Choose destination
Choose destinations