The pocket watch is a limited item that are made on demand. I create series of ten and all of the watches have a unique serial number. The watch is functional and you can use the watch face to force a specific time and then have anything engraved on the back. On the instruction DVD there are four routines including the routine Time and Time again, inspired by Richard Osterlinds classical presentation The watch Routine.


To be able to perform Time and time again you also need a wristwatch that enables you to force a specific time. Either use your own watch with a date or add my special wristwatch that includes yet another subtlety.


The Pocket watch includes

A golden pocket watch with a unique serial number

Five surfaces for fast reset when doing multiple performances

A chain for attaching the watch to your vest

Gimmicked pad with a whiteboard surface

Engraving tool (pencil)

Engraving tool (whiteboard marker)

Instructions and material to construct two stage sized pads or clipboards

The reset equipment

The reset material Zilvex, enough for 300 shows

An instructional DVD


This effect works extremely good with the Astral Traveler . We give you a good combo-deal if you order both of them. (Please specify which destination you want to use.)




Price:  1800 SEK



Price:  2100 SEK


Postage: 150 SEK world wide



"It is magnificent! You have combined tried and tested ideas and made a completely new routine that only sparkles more with the addition of your MetalWriting technology."

-Richard Osterlind

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