"What a wonderful tool for mentalists, your tips are well worth looking into the video for. Well done!"


The Travel Agency Deck (TAD) is a revolutionary deck of cards. The theme is associated with something that everyone can relate to - to travel and see the world, to  see new cultures and cities.


On the double DVD you will find everything you need to start performing miracles like picture duplications, perfect matches, cold readings and dual reality.


The DVD:s are loaded with performance ideas, methods of how to gaff and customize the cards, how to use the TAD in different mentalist methods as well as eleven complete routines.


The routines provided range from close-up, parlour and stage. TAD is the perfect tool for the beginner to venture into the realm of dual reality and cold reading. It is an inspiring deck for the professional mentalist or magician who wants to add a new flavour to his or her performance.


The deck is stacked, marked and also a mem-deck. Everything is built in to make it easy for you to create miracles. When ordering TAD you can add extra decks for an additional charge.





o 25 flag cards

o  20 tourist attraction cards

o  9 gaff cards for you to use and customize together with a tutorial of how to do this.

o  Instructions of how to do fast and easy drawings of every tourist attraction using simple geometrical shapes.

o  11 routines and ideas from thinkers like Luca Volpe, Andreas Sebring and Martin Mendeler




Price: 300 SEK

Package includes one deck, a double DVD and a reference sheet with stack-information for easy access.


Postage: 50 SEK world wide

Chose the number of decks you want

"With this deck you have literally a full act in your pocket! Beautifully made and cleverly designed. Perfect for stage and close up performances. This deck is always in my show bag!"

-Luca Volpe